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A stately tree planted accidentally by a surveyor as he established the line between Audubon and Cass Counties. He cut a cottonwood branch which took root and grew. Almost 150 years old and 100 feet tall, it stands in the middle of the intersection of two roads. Located 1 mile south of Exira on Highway 71. A legendary tree that grew around a plow when the owner leaned the plow against the sapling and went off to the Civil War. As the tree grows, less and less of the plow is visible. It is a 5 acre park with restrooms and picnic area.

This is the first courthouse in Audubon County, Iowa. It has been converted into a museum. The museum, maintained by the Historical Society, is located at the corner of East Washington and Kilwoth Street in Exira, Iowa. The museum is open Sunday afternoons throughout the summer from 1:30 pm to 4:30.

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The Nathaniel Hamlin Park

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Audubon, Iowa

The world famous painter and ornitholgoist, John James Audubon died January 27, 1851. At that time he was aclaimed as one of the twelve most notable Americans. At the time of his death, the Iowa Legislature was laying out and naming 20 new counties. Audubon County was named in his honor. This statue is located in the city park in Audubon, Iowa.

This is the Veterens of Foriegn Wars Memorial in Audubon, Iowa.


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