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Native artist Cam Ross (1921-1998), who rose to national prominence through his work on the movie, "Cold Turkey", created these murals which illustrate the commerce of the livestock business. The sale barn was important to the local farmer.

Because of Cam's reputation in the art world, Manning veterinarian, Dr. Robert Dappen, commissioned him in 1973 to paint these murals for his newly constructed sale barn.

In 1977 the sale barn was closed and sold to Dr. Rexanne Struve, also a veterinarian. Dr. Struve moved her practice to a new building in 2000 and the sale barn was facing demolition.

The Audubon County Historical Society, dedicated to preserving Audubon County history, dismantled the murals and relocated them to this building. Now in 2001, through the generous donation of Dr. Struve, the murals are showcased here at the Nathaniel Hamlin Park.